1556-AIR Pelican Air Case, ID: 21.6 L x 10.8 W x 8.97 D


Pelican™ Air cases are designed to cut weight without compromising durability and strength. Drop tested and submerged to assure ruggedness and airtight construction, the lightweight HPX™ resin cases will last a lifetime, and we guarantee them that long as well. Available with no foam, cubed foam in color black only.

Interior (L×W×D) 21.6 x 10.8 x 8.97 in.
Exterior (L×W×D) 23.43 x 13.52 x 11.57 in.
Lid Depth: 2.00″  Bottom Depth: 6.97”   Total Depth: 8.97
Weight With Foam: 11.2 lbs

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