1SKB-R908U20…20 Inch Shock Rack


8U 19″ Rackable x 20″ Deep x 14″ High Weight: 50.30 lbs.

With an internal frame mounted on adjustable elastomer shock absorbers on all eight corners. These revolutionary Shock Racks Cases are designed to control the effects of shock and vibration on three axes. The “sway” space around the internal frame provides natural air conditioning which is very important for delicate equipment. Inner rack chassis depth is 20″ rail to rail with pre-threaded rack rails for standard 10-32 hardware that is included. SKB’s 20 inch Shock Rack Cases are half the weight of the old wooden cases. These Rack Cases have a 200 pound load rating. Shock; stabilizing rails and load spreader kits are available for higher weight loads. Cases are stackable. Available in color black only.


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