3I-2011-7B-TR SKB Watertight Case


Interior Length: 20.38 in  (51.77 cm) Interior Width: 11.44 in  (29.06 cm) Interior Depth: 7.50 in  (19.05 cm) Weight: 20.4 lbs.

SKB 3i-2011-7-TR has dual trays that are perfect for organizing and storing all types of accessories. This model features fold out dual trays with plastic dividers on both sides of the case with a clear covered middle section that can be snapped down to keep connectors and other small miscellaneous pieces in place. When the case is closed the fold-out trays sit on each other keeping the contents from shifting around. The storage area below the trays measures 20.5” x 3.375” for additional storage.

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