3I-2217M82U, SKB 2U SKB Fly Rack Case


Interior Width: 17.00 in  (43.18 cm) Interior Height: 8.00 in  (20.32 cm) Rackable Depth: 13.00 in  (33.02 cm)  Weight: 19.0 lbs.

Featuring both injection molded cases and racks, our waterproof Fly Racks are light in weight and  affordable without compromising strength or durability.

SKB’s rack frames and iSeries cases are manufactured in the USA in Orange, California. Rack frames are removable and fit easily into SKB’s  iSeries cases, where they are protected by high quality PE foam that provides space for protruding knobs and buttons. At less than half the weight of standard shock racks, SKB Fly Racks feature iSeries Watertight injection molded cases that are under 62 linear inches to keep from being over sized. SKB Fly Rack Cases are the perfect solution for flying or shipping delicate equipment and the convenient in-line wheels and telescoping handle provides easy transport.

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