3RR-3U30-25B…3U-30 in Deep Removable Shock Rack Case


Interior Width: 19.00 in  (48.26 cm)  Interior Height: 5.25 in  (13.34 cm) Rackable Depth: 30.00 in  (76.20 cm) Weight: 63.20

SKB’s 30 inch 3RR Series Removable Shock Rack Cases are available in 3 sizes, 3U, 4U, and 5U.
Molded of Medium Density Polyethylene plastic the cases includes 8 elastomeric shock absorbers which allows for a standard payload range of 40 to 150 pounds. Optional extended payload range of 160 to 300 pounds can be accommodated as a special order option. These 3RR Series Removable Racks are 30” deep from rail to rail with a standard 19” rack width per ANSI/EIA-310-C specification and feature square-hole rack rails to accommodate either #10-32 US standard, or 6mm International standard cage nuts which are supplied with the cases. Cases have a 2 inch deep front lid and a 5 inch deep rear lid.

Standard color is Black.

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